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Why Inspect

A Home Inspection is the visual evaluation of the residence for the purpose of providing information on the structural integrity, systems functionality and where applicable; information regarding potential safety and/or health concerns.

As the Buyer,
new or pre-owned you want “Peace of Mind” knowing what you are purchasing before you get to closing.

As the Seller, a Pre-Sale Inspection can:
When listing “As Is,” identify issues that may delay the sale or provide the potential Buyer with a way out of the contract.

  • Minimize Surprises
  • Provide you with the opportunity to either have the repairs performed or provides you with an idea of what to expect from the Buyer (ie: price reductions, repair cost, funds to escrow, etc.)
  • Provide an opportunity to get the full asking price and if working with a time line, allow yourself to meet your own obligations.

Reports And Time Required To Inspect

All reports are computer generated, where applicable; digital photos are inserted to assist with identifying areas of concern. Reports are distributed the same day, via email in a PDF format.

Inspection Time
There are several factors that contribute to the length of time required to perform a thorough inspection. Some of those are: square footage, age, modifications, pool, sea wall and docks. The average time for 1800sqft is 2 – 3 hours depending upon condition.

Integrity Inspection Services understands the importance of time, however; we are committed to our customer. Rather than work against the clock, our goal:

“Protect the customer by ensuring all items have been properly inspected!”

What We Inspect

Where accessible, we inspect the following:

  • Roof and Gutter Systems
  • Attic and Crawl Space
  • Doors and Windows
  • Pool/Spa and Related Equipment
  • Heat/Cooling Systems
  • Plumbing, Water Heater and Fixtures
  • Electrical: Service Panel, Fixtures, Switches, etc.
  • Irrigation/Sprinkler Systems
  • Seawall/Docks and Related items
  • All Inspection fees are based on the “Living Square Footage”


Although offered as a separate inspection service; as a courtesy to the Client, Thermal Scanning is performed as a part of the normal inspection process (at no additional cost.)